Call of the Lily, 2018 @ Pulse Miami Beach | Pulse Play “A Violence”
three-channel HD video
(Full-length) 7 minutes 40 seconds

Call of the Lily is a multimedia video project where the goddesses Athena and her owl sidekick move through a collage of video clips depicting violent imagery. Athena carries a bouquet of tiger lilies, which replaces the gun found in popular first-person shooter video games. Using subtle forms of transgression, I hope to disarm the violence and transform the image of the hero/ine.


Call of the Lily, 2018
1min 45sec, looped
lacie monitor, painted steel
39'“ x 24” x 30”

Video footage is sourced from the video game "Call of Duty" and a bouquet of tiger-lily flowers is green screen into the video game, replacing what would be a first-person-shooter avatar gun.


Respawn Madonna, 2017 @ VisArts, Washington DC
two channel HD video
2minutes 40seconds

Respawn Madonna, features the image of the Madonna as she moves through levels in the video game Halo 5 wearing my mothers sunflower dress from 1995.
This is part of the Respawn Madonna multimedia video project.


Respawn Madonna, 2017 @ VisArts, Washington DC
single channel HD video | 30 second loop
custom built plexiglass frame & LCD screen
11” x 8 “ x 2.5”

Jump Gun, 2018
two channel HD video
excerpt 1minute 40 seconds, full length 5minutes 25 seconds
RIGHT VIDEO: Text and audio from Wikileaks footage of a US military apache helicopter attacking innocent journalists, civilians and children in an open public square in Baghdad on July 12, 2007. Innocent Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Elden and her driver Saeed Chmagh are victims of the shooting. After the initial shooting, a minivan full of adults and children drove into the square and were fired upon as well. Visual footage of the attack is intentionally left out by the artist.
LEFT VIDEO: Edited footage from the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ where avatars are selecting military character outfits.


Everlast, 2018 @ Performance Works North West || Linda Austin Dance

Everlast is durational video performance re-staging and re-figuring the 2015 UFC bantam weight title fight where undefeated champion Ronda Rousey was defeated by Holly Holm. This re-staging reflects the vulnerability of this loss in a sprit of empathetic persistence instead of public scrutiny.


Transminic, 2015 @ The Granoff Center--Brown University
two channel video projection installation, played on loop


everyonesaghost, 2016 @ Microscope Gallery
installation and durational video performance

Outfitted Annonymous, 2017
UCP Camoflauge pattern jacket, salt, resin


Stealth, 2015
installation and durational video performance, dimensions variable 

MaggieHazen01-edit crop.jpg

Please Press Restart, 2016 @ Vermont Studio Center
live feed chroma key Loop, webcam, UCP digital camoflauge pattern, my eye, a brick

Hulk, 2014 @ CICA Museum--South Korea
Single Channel Video, 3:23min


Anenome, 2016 @ DUPLEX
live chroma key feed, cyclorama