Infinity Goddess is an ongoing project where I replace the male figures in found videos of hyper-violent video games with women or ‘goddesses.’  These goddesses are depicted as transformative agents in hyper-real digital gaming worlds. I work with women in my immediate communities personify them as mythological female archetypes. In Respawn, the goddess in the video game mimics the madonna and child. The goddess wears my mothers sunflower dress from 1995 and holds a bouquet of flowers instead of a first person shooter gun. In the videos, the goddess interrupt the popular video game Halo 5—all the Halo 5 footage was sourced from uploads of online gamer experiences. Through this work I hope to question the normalcy of violence in our every day lives.

infinity goddess install.jpg

Performers: EstefanÍ Mercedes & Xavier Osterhout
Sound: Garrett Hazen