Infinity Goddess is an ongoing project which places women as transformative agents in hyper-violent video game spaces. RESPAWN foregrounds a madonna and child relationship within the gaming environment of Halo 5. The video game footage is sourced from online gamers personal YouTube battles. The madonna figure moves through Halo 5 wearing my mother’s iconic sunflower dress from 1995. In their natural habitat, sunflowers move their blooms to face the light. To layer this reality with the archetypal first-person-shooter game, I arm the player not with a weapon, but with sunflowers following the light. The preservation of the mother figure lives on in the salt casting of my mothers sunflower dress.  

infinity goddess install.jpg

"The cultural barriers that feminism must negotiate have to take place with reference to the operation of power and the persistence of vulnerability."--Judith Butler

Performers: EstefanÍ Mercedes & Xavier Osterhout
Sound: Garrett Hazen